Happily Never After? A Summary of Season 6 Episode 3

Hi! I’m Kristin, a 90 Day Fiance Expert Analyst. The importance of this franchise to world peace cannot be understated. This past season of 90 Day Fiance just ended (you can see my thoughts on the tell-all on my page at https://kristinseltmancomedy.medium.com/90-day-divorcee-a-summary-of-this-seasons-90-day-fiance-tell-all-a461108d5e29) but fear not — we have Happily Ever After to look forward to!

Episode 3: Forgiving is not forgetting

Andrei and Elizabeth “Libby” and Florida Family:

Andrei wants to flip houses and he proves it by trying to build their kid a toy house. I don’t know if he ever finishes it but I wish him much success in his future endeavors on Flip or Flop toy house edition. Andrei wanted to borrow 100k from Libby’s Dad (Who among us?) but first, he has to work in the family business. This means a sit-down with Charlie. Charlie was last seen drunkenly threatening Andrei at their wedding in Moldova (which IS a real place FYI). The meeting is pretty boring but I think Charlie and Andrei are wearing matching shirts which confused and delighted me.

Yara and Jovi:

Jovi goes shopping and gets the wrong size baby diapers but a case of Corona so no worries there. Jovi’s mom, Gwen, comes by to help them with the baby. Their baby, Mylah, is sooo adorable. Gwen actually just lectures them on taking their newborn outside. Can you take a baby outside? I dunno? Probably with sunscreen? Gwen says no. Yara has some “You’re not the boss of me” energy. Should get interesting when Jovi leaves for “work” (for two months) soon.

Angela and her boobs:

Angela is in L.A. for her weight loss surgery and she added a breast reduction last minute like me getting extra guac at chipotle. She thinks she is on an all-liquid diet so the night before she is eating chicken soup with tons of chicken and carrots and a whole lot of other things that are food and not liquid. She is worried Michael will dump her if her boobs are smaller. She tells him about it and he wants to talk to the Doctor about her adjusting her boob size. Angela is upset that he doesn’t care about her health. Makes sense because Angela prepares for surgery by putting on giant earrings and lighting a cigarette before heading to the hospital. Michael seems scared Angela will look hot after surgery and dump him. No one else thinks that or seems scared for her health. So worried, she calls her psychic. Her psychic tells her not to have cigarettes. Angela laughs and laughs. Spoiler alert (as you all know from Instagram- she survives surgery).

Kalani and Asuelo:

Kolini, the most gorgeous woman on TV, is moving in with them for a while. Kolini and Asuelo don’t get along so this should be fun. Asuelo and Kalani are buying a house to save their marriage because the baby didn’t do it. I can’t think of a worse idea. Also they have no money so the question begs…how? Maybe the benefactor of Angela’s surgery is also buying them a house? Kolini is wearing overalls and her hair is shining. What conditioner is that? Sorry I digress. (Not really sorry, so shiny!!)

Julia and Brandon: They are back at the farm and Julia did not enjoy leaving Las Vegas (get it?). Julia has an interview for her Green Card. She better get it because Brandon is all like “I’m not moving to Russia’’. They were not approved or denied? They didn’t have the right form or something which tracks since they told his parents she was pregnant because she felt nauseous once.

Tiffany, her shoulders, and Ronald:

Tiffany and her cold shoulder wardrobe canceled their plane tickets to South Africa to use the money to get an apartment. Tiffany asks her mom for advice on what to do about Ronald still sucking. “You can’t choose who you love”. Her mom (also with shoulders ablaze) tells Tiffany you actually can pick who you love. I choose to love myself and not watch Seeking Sister Wives tonight. Instead, I had a glass of wine and some chips and salsa and in honor of Angela, i added on the guac.



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